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Why I Became a Lawyer


I did not grow up with a burning desire to become a lawyer. On the contrary. When I was a kid, I did not think that working long hours going through stacks of paperwork seemed dynamic or interesting at all. Of course, I had no idea what lawyers did back then. (Frankly, I don't know what many of them do now but that's another story.)

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When Do I Need to Hire an Auto Accident Attorney?

auto accident

I have been representing people involved with accidents (like car crashes) for 20 years. Before that, I was on the "other side"... an insurance claims adjuster.  I guess it's understandable that people often ask me "when do I need to hire a lawyer?". 

First of all, I am not going to tell you to pick up a phone and call me now.  I think the vast majority of cases do not need a lawyer.  For example, if you are in Michigan (or another "no-fault" state) you probably do not need to get a lawyer. It matters not who was at fault here in Michigan (in most cases) as we are a no-fault state.

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