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kalamazoo personal injury lawyer

Highs and Lows of a Kalamazoo Personal Injury Lawyer

Kalamazoo Personal Injury Lawyer

I am going to get a bit retrospective here. i have been a Kalamzoo personal injury lawyer for nearly a quarter of a century and would like to look back for a moment at some of the points in my career that have provided me so very much joy and, yes, so much sorrow. 

Let's start with the highs:

1) Sometimes, it's the little things. I have a file in my desk containing some of the hand written cards and notes I have received over the years. Believe it or not, I have never thrown this stuff out. It is gold. I am not going to share the personal nature of these notes, but these little things are a constant reminder for me that what I do can (sometimes) make a difference in people's life's that I do not even see. A couple cards were even written by people I did not even represent. Wow. That means so very much.

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