Testimonials for James Giffels, Kalamazoo Auto Accident Lawyer

I, Lynn Harpe, was very happy with the Giffels Law Office. James Giffels helped me quickly and efficiently and in a very nice manner. I suggest his services. They are great!

~Lynn S. H., Kalamazoo, Michigan

After my husband had a debilitating car accident in 2010, we attempted to find an attorney to help us with the upcoming loss of wages and improvements necessary for assisting my husband’s comfort and mobility. Initially, we were told by several attorneys that we had no case because my husband was considered to be at fault. We spent almost three (3) years trying to find an attorney who was willing to help us. Finally, we were referred to Jim Giffels . . . by another attorney! Immediately upon contact, Attorney Giffels set up a meeting with us. He instantly thought we had grounds for a case and happily represented my husband. Since there is only a three(3) year period of time in which to file a lawsuit, we had to act quickly. Jim and his assistant, Jan, were all over it. All of the documentation necessary for the lawsuit was submitted in time and after only a year and a half, we actually got a settlement!!! We were kept totally informed at all times as to what the process was and what to expect along the way. We truly can’t thank Jim and Jan enough for all they did for us!! If he had not taken our case, we wouldn’t have gotten a penny!!

~Patrick and Kristina W., Kalamazoo, Michigan

Mr. Giffels was our attorney. He was very prompt about returning phone calls and answering any questions we had. We met with him in October and settled in June. He was always courteous with us, and explained anything we didn’t understand. I am extremely happy that we chose the Giffels Law Office for our needs.

~David and Debra T., Kalamazoo, Michigan

No other attorney would meet with me to discuss an injury that I suffered on a local commercial property, and I called several. I have no health insurance and needed orthopedic surgery because of this knee injury and was desperate. Mr. Giffels invited me to his office to explain the situation and he took my case. Over $60,000 in settlement later, it was finished without litigation. He was able to prove clear negligence with only phone conversations and written correspondence. I could not be more pleased with the outcome and I recommend Mr. Giffels without hesitation.

~Kelle B., Portage, Michigan

Grateful for attorney who did the ‘right thing’

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Kalamazoo attorney James M. Giffels. He took time out of his busy schedule to help me “because it was the right thing to do.” He spent more than a year on my case knowing that there would be no monetary gain. He is an excellent lawyer, a caring person, and very sincere. After spending a full day on the trial, he won my case and I would like to publicly thank him for his generosity and expertise.

~Christy W., Richland, Michigan

~Published in the Kalamazoo Gazette on December 7, 2008

I searched out lawyers and finally made my decision to choose James Giffels to take my workers’ compensation case and I am thankful I did. He worked on my case and went above and beyond to win my case. He was always keeping me in the loop of things and he talked to me like another person. He talked to me about my case in terms that I could understand. His staff is great too. I would tell anyone looking for a lawyer to definitely call him. Thank you James for taking on my case and winning it for me!

~Terri Wymer, Hastings, Michigan

Words cannot describe how well James Giffels has helped me. He was always keeping me informed and updated on my case. He won a settlement for me that will greatly inprove my life. I highly recommend Jim as an attorney and I want to thank him for his help and support. Thank you Jim!

~Walter Long Jr., Portage, Michigan

Mr. Giffels handled my workers’ compensation case and I was very happy with how he handled things. I was always able to contact Jim or his assistant and find out how my case was coming along. Mr. Giffels had my best interest at heart and got me a great settlement. I would recommend Jim Giffels to anyone!

~Tyrone Lewis, Kalamazoo, Michigan

My mother was killed when she was struck by a dump truck while riding a moped. I was devastated by the loss. Luckily for me, a friend recommended Attorney Jim Giffels. Mr. Giffels did a great job getting my mother’s estate a great settlement. I highly recommend him for any serious injury or automobile accident case.

~Thomas Martin, South Fulton, Tennessee

I cannot say enough positive words about Mr. Giffels. His professionalism, diligence, and empathy is outstanding. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking help with a Social Security Disability, Long-Term Disability, or Worker’s Comp case. I have no doubt that I won both of my cases because of his meticulous attention to details and his perserverance in fighting for me. His advice was always given with my best interest in mind. His Legal Assistant Jan is very supportive, thorough, and kind. She helped me on many occasions with the paperwork I needed, and also provided encouraging words during the time spent waiting for court and settlement dates. They are a great time and I feel they both invested a lot of time into helping me win. I just can’t thank them enough.

~Kimberly Shannon

He was very professional. Jim kept me informed throughout my whole case. I am very happy for what Jim has done for me.

~Larry Rennaker

A great lawyer. My husband and I could have been happier with the work Jim did for us. Hard working and always kept us in the loop.

~Wendy Williams

When you really need a personal injury lawyer you want someone formidable yet personal. Jim does an unbelievable job giving you both. He makes himself personally available by phone. I highly suggest you call him.

~Eric Rasche

Our daughter Ava was attacked by a neighbors dog last year. After it happened we were not sure what we should do about it so we decided to call around and ask for advice from attorneys. After contacting Mr. Giffels he made an appointment to come out to our house instead of making us drive all the way out to kalamazoo from paw paw to hear our case. Throughout the whole process he was easy to reach and always returned emails or phone calls. And even when Ava’s mother was in a car accident and we had to deal with that and had limited contact with Mr. Giffels he still was working on the case the whole time and kept us informed. Everything went so smoothly and we never had to deal with any insurance company or the owner of the dog. We also thought the environment of his office was friendly almost like walking into a family setting greeted warmly and treated very well. We would recommend Mr. Giffels to anyone and we will if anyone else we know has a need for it.

~Gerald Mcnett

Attorney Giffels represented me after I was hurt in a car crash. I never had to hire a lawyer before and was pretty nervous about the whole thing. I was immediately very happy that I hired him. He took over my case and was able to negotiate a terrific settlement for me. Jim helped me get my medical bills and wage loss paid and I received a settlement for my injuries too. I was always able to speak to him when I had questions about what was going on. I would highly recommend attorney Giffels for any personal injury case.

~Wendy O’Hara

My wife hired Jim Giffels to represent her for a very serious injury she sustained when she was driving a bus. Attorney Giffels has done a great job and we are very happy with how hard he has worked for us on this case. He is always easy to get a hold of and answers all our our questions. Thank you Jim!

~Matt Kuiper

I met Jim through a referral and my case has been a long and difficult one, my husband and I wouldn’t pick anyone different to handle my case. Jim goes above and beyond for his clients, and you can tell that He cares. Jim and Jan are always available and willing to help, and answer questions, phone calls. My family and I will always be grateful to Jim for what he has done us. Jim is very good at what he does. And he takes his responsibilities as your lawyer serious and it shows.

~Tania Bula

I am very pleased with Jim. He did a great job and was very nice and honest with me. I very much recommend him.

~Jill Jordan

He got me a great settment and all benefits I’ve been untitled to, even ones they tried to deny at first. So glad I found him

~Brian Mertz

I was terminated after an injury at work. I called a few law firms and nobody seemed willing to help me. One of them actually referred me to Giffel’s law and I am so glad they did! I was always kept in the loop and informed. Today he won my case! He handled everything and it was a great experience. I would recommend Giffel’s law to anyone in need of help. He went above and beyond my expectations!

~Jessica Haines

Wonderful attorney to work with! Highly recommended!

~Judith Lumbard

Very impressive. Professional, caring excellent.

~Tim Beason

This attorney does an excellent job. He was very down to earth and made me feel completely confident that he would work in my best interest! Thanks!

~Kelly Poniedzielski

I have dealt with Mr. Giffels for many years. He has helped me with several legal problems. He has always provided great legal advice and he has always been a very positive and easy to get a hold of.

~Sam Silverman

Jim really works hard for his clients. We are very pleased with his work and highly recommend him.

~Jeff Wendland